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The Park (feat. Coolio) Lyrics

The Park (feat. Coolio) by Ol' Dirty Bastard  

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The Park (feat. Coolio)
Yeah, youknowhatI'msayin, to you?
I was in Riker's Island, youknowhatI'msayin?
High impact, youknowhatI'msayin?
They they had me pickin cigarettes (SLAM!)
A thousand cigarettes up off the floor
Doin push-ups, all that bullshhhh
Yo I'm tryin to (SLAM!)
I just wanna give a shout, to all the jails everywhere
Cause you know, I know it's a game (Just SLAM!)
YaknowhatI'msayin? The government got a game
Get all the brothers locked down
(This one, is a hit, it's called SLAM!)
But it ain't like that baby!
Knahmsayin? I'm not havin it no more
(Doin it at the park)
Me personally, knowhatI'msayin?
(Doin it LAH-Lah-LAHHH!)
Yo, check this out
(Ohhh yeah, rock the park)
This is the jam called SLAMMMMM
(Ohhh yeah, rock the park)
(Doin it at the park)
(Doin it LAH-Lah-LAHHH!)
(Ohhh yeah, rock the park)
(Ohhh yeah, rock the park)
Yo, yo bust thissssssss! Yo white boy don't you got a shadow?
Black boy don't you got teeth, what the fuck is the beef?
Some tame buck nigga in the movie, said a little poetry
Had some problems with the cops, cause his man gun was hot
And of course, fuck that red tape
[gavel pounds three times "Guilty!!"]
I gotta spit at y'all, they runnin some shit on y'all
Or should I say yes, cause I'm still on the bus
So y'all is really me it's just, y'all is already you
I hereby do declare, all of us is we
Quit your silly-ass games and, petty-ass dirts see and put
greed to the side for good
for your heart it's like a court minus time divide
(Doin it at the park)
(Doin it LAH-Lah-LAHHH!)
(Ohhh yeah, rock the park)
(Ohhh yeah, rock the park)
(Doin it

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