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Remember Mary Jane Lyrics

Remember Mary Jane by Old Boy Network  

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Remember Mary Jane I remember when I said goodbye to mary jane
I saw her last, leaving on the mid-day train
Friends told me, she went to play
Dancing out at night clubs every day
Another way of life, a whole lotta better pay
I remember when I said goodbye to mary jane
She never looked back, from the moving train
Bright red lips, a dress so tight
Should have seen things weren't going right
Now I know why, we always had a fight

Minders stand above her
In case she breaks her cover
They changed her name to sleazy jane
She wears her thong as she sings her song
She's everybody's girl of the night

I remember when I said, goodbye to mary jane
My hopes and dreams were on that outbound train
Givin' rich boys, bankers, bishops a thrill
She'll show anything for a 10 dollar bill
With broken dreams, her body I will never feel

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music