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Invisible Star Lyrics

Invisible Star by Okkervil River  

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Invisible Star Invisible Star
Verse 1
I will leave as you wish, vanish from your life
I will go as you want, as far as I can
In the darkness of the coldest night
As Invisible Star I will be reborn again

Invisible Sun, invisible Moon
Invisible rain, invisible snow
I will be forever your Invisible Star...
(INVISIBLE STAR) Look up into the sky
I'm there, looking down on you (INVISIBLE STAR)
Watching over you... Protecting you... (INVISIBLE STAR)

Verse 2
I will die as you wish, since my heart was beating for you
I will cease to exist; I'll erase all traces of me you have a memory of
I will fly so high, out of your reach, out of your sight
As an Invisible Star I will be reborn

Verse 3
I may come to you as invisible wind and tell you what you need to hear most
I may come to you as invisible shadow and give you shelter when you need it most
I may fly to you as invisible bird and sing your favorite song that you like the most
I may be that helping hand when all your fiends turned their back on you
I may be that last straw when you are at the very end
I will always be the guiding light of the Invisible Star when you can't see in the dark

Don't look for me, I'm not where you're searching
Don't call my name, I won't respond
Don't regret what's in the past
Instead, create the perfect future!

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