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Gimme a break Lyrics by Oingo Boingo


Gimme a break by Oingo Boingo

You were the one who could never decide

Your always complaining the company's too restraining

You think your sweeter than the rest

But deep inside your scared to death

You've got your finger in the pie

The time has come to pick a side...


First you say one thing then you change your mind

You think it's great you say its hot

You turn around and then it's not

On Saturday night you wear punk rags

But you drive a white porsche with custom tags

You'd like to chance it but you just don't know

Cause your getten' blind from too much snow

I hate you but I need the deal

Let's discuss it over a big hot meal

Gimme a break...gimme a break...etc.etc.


Don't you think we're tough enough? (think twice)

Think that you can hold us back? (no way)

Don't you know we got the stuff? (sure thing)

Now were on the warpath

Sorry... it's not too late... gimme a break

[sax solo]

Don't you know I'm tired of waiten'? (so tired)

And I'm tired of being nice (so nice)

Can't ya look me in the eyes?

Don't ya know I'm coming out?...

Sorry...It's not too late... gimme a break

You got the job now so you call the shots

You got the access to the bread

You said by now that I'll be dead

But let me tell you something friend

Your days are numbered to the end

You see that young cat down the hall

He's waiten' for you to trip and fall

You'll beg for your job down on your knees

You'll kiss the ground and ask him please to

Give you a break

Give you a break

Give you a break...