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A New Beginning Lyrics

A New Beginning by Odium  

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A New Beginning Burning the bridges
Leading back to past
You have the will to forget the sadness
Reaching out for a life that you've never had

You're marching on
Step by step
What will you see?

Dark clouds above you
Why don't you realize
Under your skin you feel pain and sorrow
Mirror yourself and you'll be surprised

And still you're marching on
Inch by inch
What do you feel?
Is it a new beginning
A chance to start again
Is it you who's winning
Or is it leading to your end?
Will there ever be a way
To avoid making mistakes?
Will you ever feel when it's time
To rewrite the script of life?

Now you're growing older
Still you feel the pain
You try to run you try to hide from yourself
You're changing so fast - you'll stay the same

You're creeping on
Step by step
What will you see?

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