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Accepting our weakness Lyrics

Accepting our weakness by Oceans Of Sadness  

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Accepting our weakness Where do you go buttoned in your favourite coat
Stepping out to a different world
And you might be home late
And where are you now
Staring at your favourite box
The one with the traveller´s cross
On the road past the gate

But if you find yourself standing on the corner
While you´re thinking of a different world
Then you might see me waiting on the corner
Staring trough you in your different world

And if I could swim
Then I´d get out and find my boat
Sail away to my favourite coast
And let you all in
And if I could do all the things you´re asking
Then maybe I´d find your door
And bring it home to you



So where do we go
Like two Christophers in the snow
Yeah we´re blind but we want to know
Just to say I love you
And all of our lives
We´ll sail trough the suns and moons
To sing our Travellers Tune
Just to say I love you

(Chorus x2)

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