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by Occult. Buy album CD: The Enemy Within

Don't tell me there is a God
Let me decide for myself
I don't believe your worthless lie
Just leave me here, let me die
Don't tell me there is a God
If he would be? Where is he?
Preaching mercy, sympathy and faith
While there is only revenge and hate

(you) say God is good, God is omiscient
(you) say God is light, God is your friend
(you) say God is kind, God is everywhere
(you) say heaven is real, pray to be there
I say you fool, are you that blind?
This God is false, he will take your mind
Belief in yourself and you will find the truth
Inside your mind exiled

Don't tell me there is a God
Telling me to turn the other cheek
Satisfaction based on revenge
Hear our swords as the clang
I control my own life
Tell me not what to do
If I would like to end it
There is no say for you
Your religion is just a way
To control my mind
Therefore I am my own God
And I don't serve mankind

Stupid fools, you are betraying yourselfs
Look at me, I'm free to do as I please
No commandments, to tell me what to do
Stop praying, there is no God listening you
See the truth, and deny your control
Don't be a wimp, it's your life afterall
So why would you dedicate it to a God?
What all he has done is nothing more than a fraud

Stupid fools, don't believe all that shit
This brainwashing, will drag you down in their pit
Priests and churches, institutions for the dumb
Don't be a fool, your senses can't be that numb
See the truth, and deny your control
Don't be a wimp, it's your life afterall
So why would you dedicate it to a God?
What all he has done is nothing more than a fraud

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Album: The Enemy Within (1996) Lyrics
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  196. Wille Zum Utergang
  197. Yesterday Today - Non - Album Single
  198. Souls
  199. Inquisition Of The Holy
  200. Crossing The Boundaries (Of Life And Death)
  201. Selfbetrayed
  202. Twisted Words (My Darkest Emotions)
  203. Through Dark And Light I Dwell
  204. One Way Out
  205. Passive Relations
  206. Eyes Of Blood
  207. Until The Battle
  208. Delusions


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