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Super Mario Lyrics

Super Mario by Ocasan  

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Super Mario Chloe's eighteen, she likes Nintendo Wii
More than Lambrini, make up and boys in drain pipe jeans
That's just not her scene

If only Chloe would start noticing me
When I said I liked her, I meant it
Yeah I meant it

Chloe lose that vacant look on your face
I'll do what ever it takes, I'll...

Be your, be your Super Mario
Be your, be your Super Mario oh oh
Chloe you look sexy even in boys clothes
YOU ARE EVERY teenage boys dream
But that's just not your scene

(Chloe Chloe)
I know you're only eighteen
(Chloe Chloe)
Please be my games console queen
Yeah cause that's my scene

Five feet from her TV, legs crossed in her space
And she's happy as Larry. There's not even a trace
Of interest in me when I am over at her place
Chloe please remove that vacant look from your face
I'll do what ever it takes, I will...

Be your be your Super Mario

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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