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Pipedream Lyrics

Pipedream by Nutty Boys  

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All your hopes and ideas innermost fears
Come out for all the world to see
But don't you dare bolt back in your hole
The fact of the matter as you sit and gloat
The ice banner shall give a demonstration
Of her infuriation go !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good evening I'm a cloud looking down upon my crazy crowd
Helpless in not knowing just what I should or what I should not do
But focus it's never too late to notice
Pipedream are you working up a steam from the morning dew
Pipedream I bequest taking impossibilities
To the final test are you
If I only knew
Pipedream you've been oh so meek
In walking up a dream from a deep deep sleep
Pipedream if I only knew
I see industrial relations taking a dive into a bottomless pit
Where only salvation survives and oh how it thrives
I see lifestyle needing a change enough to make
PG Wodehouse turn in his grave
All the scientists chuckled away and then shuffled all day
Pipedream are you working up a steam from the morning day
Taking impossibilities to the final test are you

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