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Solar Powered Buttermilk Lyrics by Nuts Can Surf


Solar Powered Buttermilk by Nuts Can Surf

sittin' on your canned ham yellin' 'bout the rent
drawin' on the wall with a sock fulla lint.
cemented in bar room easy as a sleeze,
graduating flatulating rolling on his knees.
soaped up dishwash talking slow,
washed the cord board groovey jack up flow.
hippied land slide distorted polka funk,
clackin' off the bottles with the system in his trunk.
bass face blowin' off the roof tops,
walkin' down the street with two mops.
wet socks wearing down the battery horn,
butterflies startin' to harmonize in porno.
suck slow pealin' off the gum,
candy wrapped give me some.
can't slow f**kin' tarts at night,
middle of the end in studio flight.
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