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Paos Lyrics

Paos by Nuts Can Surf  

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Paos yeah!!!!
I was at the air show ,(in a dream),
and the plastic toilets were floatin, (down the stream).
and I bought an ax for a dollar, dipped it in the oil.
watching the books was impossible, and my lips were made of tin foil.
then I smoked a pencap, made out with the lamp,
kicked down the walls, sh*t on the amp.
put my feet on a handstand, I picked the pork.
speed reading with my eyes closed, living with a fork.
touchy-feely coin slots, headbangin in the dark.
by already got busy, an I'm break dancin at the park.
when it came around, like a suit case full of fire...
throwin fruit at the cardboard, called the pope a liar.
an I was swingin from a string, pullin tiles off the ground,
gave a thumbs up, to a disgruntled clown.
took a meat cleaver an I made some eggs,
ran into a hotwheels...broke my leg.
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