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I Bleed at the Knees - Nuts Can Surf


I Bleed at the Knees by Nuts Can Surf

smooth as ice, hot as hell
throwing out music like a dead door bell
stand in the sun with one foot swingin'
layin' on your back, bangin' and clinkin'
out the beat in the streets
dogs flyin' planes
playin' minds games ...
with myself .
wash my hair in the toilet bowl
moons red glare like my head is in a blackhole
cause I work for trees,
and I bleed at the knees
and I glide through time with a pool filled with chicken wings...
and you don't care.
f**kin' all your sh*t up motherf**ka!
I'm a crazy man!
f**kin' all your sh*t up!
oh yeah!
© 1996 Dellfold Entertainment & ncs