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Despair Lyrics

Despair by Nuborn  

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Despair Why standing here when we should fly?
Hard times appear, but will pass by
So thrash the rubble in your brain
And in the end be free again.

If you could hear the distant song
Surrounds me all day long
The vision jumps to where it's coming from
His father left an audible heir
Enough to drive me to despair
While you were waiting endlessly
There was a laughter here to see
The truth is hard, so better lie
One could fall deep, when climbing high
Back to the start, it was in vain
There's no progress, just empty pain

The path divides, so left or right
The tip's got to decide
Ain't there any stones around the bend?
Upside is down, as far as I'm aware
Enough to drive me to despair

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