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About A Boy Lyrics

About A Boy by Nuborn  

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About A Boy A little boy was sitting in the bathroom
He cleans himself and feels that something's changed
He cannot see the pain inside the gameboy,
He cannot feel the fun around the ball

His father wants to leave them with a pistol
He doesn't think he can really change the world
His best friend points one finger at his mother
And constantly the schoolmates laugh at her
The concentration of the boy keeps focused
He doesn't pass any other test
His best friends now point one finger at him
It is the devil in disguise, the young boy's being

A very sad man is sitting in his prison cell
The little boy insists to be a man
He clearly sees the pain inside the gameboy
He wants to feel the fun around the ball

Is it the need for the warm, or a desire for the storm
Are those the tears, that return him to these years
There are many ways fur us to leave
But nothing more for us to give
It is the devil in disguise, the human being

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