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A. Bomb Lyrics

A. Bomb by Not Available  

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A. Bomb There are the one who shoot down bad guys,
there are the one who clean them up.
Some people start to sing 'bout when a star has died.
And some kind humans fill my cup.

[Chorus 1:]
I am an A - Bomb!
There are more than strange professions,
e.g. those priest guys on TV!
Did not have a single lesson theory
and now look what became of me.

[Chorus 2:]
I am an A - Bomb,
blind and deaf but strong.
When I come along, somebody was wrong.

Nice to have a lot of free-time.
My work is really not too hard
and someday I'll see the sunshine I am sure.
This pleasure faster beats my heart!

[Chorus 2]

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