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Nordman Lyrics Bleeding From The Mouth

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Bleeding From The Mouth

by Nordman. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - STR

Trackmasters nigga
L.o.x, cnn

Verse 1:
I been through,
Runnin' from cops,
Eatin' beef on the corner
Been through cold cells
Thug in the bench,
Till that was former
I been put the mack upon ya
Look faget
Turn around to shshshsh, to shoot fagets
I been a star
Since pat benetar
Cnn, lox the type of shit that have you fleein' a rock
I been put the key in a lock
Who got a song, hot a capone
And nore got the benz, first day home
I been beat niggas, piss spittin' on hoes
Thinkin' they too good for hood niggas
Been in my zone
Been in chance since larry holmes (? )
And in a forthbuilding,
Been had 'em rappin' the street
Caught 'em wide over y.o, first felony
So I ain't bought a m ching ching
What is you tellin' me

Verse 2:
Yo, yo
I got guns, guns
Mad fuckin' guns, ha
I had them hundreds when you had them little ones, ha
But fuck that, live niggas, iraq
And you can catch me with a teletubbie
Holdin' my gat
Yo, I'm a soldier, what
You a soldier, nigga infect
A wow, niggas from suddenly just settin' a trap
I murder you, the niggas fiend
Just fiend to attack
You shut the tunnel down twice like militant nice
We at the club tonight, nore yo
Please be nice
I bought the bar out
Crystal, no glass, no ice
I drink it straight from the bottle,
When I spit on a ho
Ayyo, you punked that bitch
Now I piss on a ho
Melvin flynt, exclusive new shit
You better tell you heard 'em on this trackmas-shit

Yo, yo,
Nore keep the gunners in crack
To get you in style
L.o.x, cnn, y.o. to iraq
Luxury cars, twenty thous,
Thugged out the bar
House on the hill
And my niggas flowin' for real
Star in the hood
When niggas go to war we good
We just thugged out hustlers
It's on the hood
We the deepest niggas out
The streetest niggas out
L.o.x and cnn
And leave you bleedin' from your mouth

Verse 3:
I learned at a young age
Not to ride with dummies
I won't die for they man
But I die for money
[styles paniro]
And if the lox get rich
We gon devide the money
Were we from we stay live
And survivin' hungry
And don't pass me a blunt
Cause you could pass me a gun
[styles paniro]
And you can have that pretty bitch,
Right after I cum
And you can front and keep your watch
We go punch your long
[styles paniro]
L.o.x style
[styles paniro]
Dump and we run
All our dogs up in the slums
[styles paniro]
Pumpin' they jumps
Holdin' they pits
[styles paniro]
Lightin' blunts
Loadin' they shit
And niggas can't understand,
That we married the street
And we felt like we were cheatin'
We ain't carryin' our heat
[styles paniro]
And we don't like holdin' nothing
But we carry a beat
Hopin' them stay strong
And they can carry the grieve
You break bread with a thief
[styles paniro]
And then you scarry to sleep
And we don't try to bury you
[styles paniro & jadakiss]
We try to bury a jeep


What, what, what
What, what, what

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