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Ebony Tower Lyrics

Ebony Tower by Nonexist  

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Ebony Tower Rapture in euphoria, sweet revenge so horrifying
Even though all is black, won't forgive - can't forget
Shadows of those who died, their energy bring me to life
Even though all is black, won't forgive - can't forget
Reaching out for a soul, lost the will to control
Victim of circumstance, forever trapped in a trance
Disillusioned by the world, a never ending spell a curse
To remain ... where i reign, i have power
I must say, i admire the view
From my ebony tower, watching you

Thirty years, three decades - eleventhousand night and days
Still alive, still insane, sun shines in the acid rain
Take a look - people die, and you never wonder why?
The beginning of the end, solitude's my only friend
Imprisoned in my world of confusion
Shattered dreams feed my illusions
Powerful forces of nature
Tearing down what i've created
Reaching, losing, disillusioned...

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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