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Night of Damnation Lyrics

Night of Damnation by Nominon  

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Night of Damnation Utmost agony and hate want to end my worthless life
I summon the spirits from hell, darkness urges for my soul
I slit my throat and watch the blood cover the moisty
My soul starts the journey to become one with evil
I saw weeping angels fall from the sky to burn for eternity
The glorious fire eternal cleanse their putrefying souls
With delight in my eyes, I saw them rise to hail
My lord from hell
Their hearts turned to black, black as
This night of damnation

Superior powers Ö Raged within
Bring forth Ö My infant supreme
Cursed realm Ö Oh, mighty abyss
Untamed reign Ö Blood Sacrifice
Drink the blood

In the halls of obscurity
Ceremony for sacrificial rites
Raising my dagger to fulfill his
Needs, stabbing with morbid lust
In ecstasy I drink the blood and
Smear the entrails of the infant
I have prevailed, IÒm a servant to
The lord of lies, mortal cries

This is the night of damnation

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music