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Alcoholic Rites Lyrics

Alcoholic Rites by Nocturnal Breed  

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Alcoholic Rites Souls in torment gather
Alcoholic death approaches
To the gates of hell we storm
To sodomy and lust we go

Alcoholic rites

Fire burning the bitches die
Rot in hell, No soul survivors
Endless torture, endless pain
Bleeding bodies, death awaits
Tortured souls, suffer intensely
Virgins fucked, fags wasted
Nocturnal breed, chaos forever
Blasting through, heaven's destruction!

Bestial temptations, alcoholic rites

Spawn of hell, gathered in fire
Violent breed, combat forever
Seeds of the black gods, wizards and warlords
Raising our fist, to the final destruction
Bestial temptations, alcoholic rites

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music