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Friends 4-ever Lyrics

Friends 4-ever by Nikki Webster  

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Friends 4-ever VERSE 1
Some boys think they
Can fool us,
But we just pretend.
(Hey, hey, hey…)
That's how I get to
Know their secrets,
And tell them to
My friends.
Hey, did you know that Johnny-
Johnny had a crush on you.
(You, ooh, you…)
But that's not all 'cause I think Johnny-
Has a crush on me, too.

Sometimes them boys really
Get to you,
(Get to you…)
Then it's good to have
A best friend like you.

We can go out and have
A good time,
If I go wrong
I'll still be fine,
(yeah, yeah, yeah…)
Because I have my best friend.
I can hang out with a
Real bad guy,
If he breaks my heart
I'll still be fine,
(Yeah, yeah, yeah…)
Because I have my best friend.
You and I….Friends Forever!

We're the kind of girls who fall,
Fall in love too easily.
(Hey, hey, hey…)
When they leave us
Sad and sorry,
I have you and you have me.
(Don't you agree?)
By the way,
Did you hear the news?
There's a new boy
In the school,
(It's too cool!)
(You wonder what
he look like-and so do I).
If you get to know him first,
I won't get in the way.
(No I won't).


You and I are so alike,
You don't have to tell me
What you feel inside,
Even if we sometimes fight.
Friends Forever,
'til the end if time

'Til the end of time.


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