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Together (f. steven michael huber) Lyrics

Together (f. steven michael huber) by Nikki Cleary  

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Together (f. steven michael huber) Steven:
Of course I have a deal
You better make it real
And I will make it easier
For you

I better get back to the past
And hope I did that's everything
Last oh baby I better get out of my
Head right away

And you will have to see me
Tomorrow, and make our wish
Come true and you will better make
Me happier than ever so I will have to
Stick with it for the rest of our lives and
Make this wish together, forever (yeah)

I love you forever
You better know
'Cause I am such
A loser tracking down
The road

I wanted to believe
That you're not a loser
You're just a girl being lonley
And happy

(Repeat Chorus)

Both 2x:
I wanted somebody
I needed somebody
You wanted somebody
You needed somebody

(Fade Chorus)

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