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Recollections (Breathless. Part II) Lyrics

Recollections (Breathless. Part II) by Night in Gales  

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Recollections (Breathless. Part II) The memories of you will never fade away
You will always be a lonely stranger to my soul
Where are you now I guess that I will never know
(And) maybe you have died again to have a body of your own

One day you will be reborn, no recollection at all
No memories of who you were and who you used to be (no)
One day I have to explain, relive the heartache and pain
Cause you have the right to know just how it used to be (yeah)

I know that your soul will be alive again
You'll be around us like the wind and the rain and the stars
One day your soul will be alive again
I really hope you won't remember
Who you were and what you could do

[All instruments/vocals: DS]

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