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Gimmie The Wand Lyrics by Nickelodeon


Gimmie The Wand by Nickelodeon


(Playing jazzy number)

I'm a swinging G-E-N-I-E
Huh? Hey
Let me tell you
What that spells to me
When I'm shoved in a lamp,
It's cold and damp, man!
My wishing power stops
At three
And that's pretty dang
Annoying to me
I want that crazy power
You fairies got
To grant those wishes
That you grant a lot
To give each and every child
A great big smile
To me this means a lot
It ain't no evil plot.


Gimme the wand, and you'll all see
Gimme the wand, your fairy, I'd be
Gimme the wand
I'll make you a natural blond,
If you give me the wand
(snake charmer music playing)

I'm a...
Oh, hang on.
We did our very best
For this bucktoothed guy
That vest-wearing slob
He may want
Our job


Well, duh


But give us
One more try
You really can't deny

Cosmo and Norm:

Give us the wand,
We'll have a ball


Give me the wand


He'll enslave you all!

Cosmo and Norm:

Give us the wand
We really hope
You all respond
Come on, give us the wand
And set me free
Give us the wand
And hear our plea
Give us the wand,
Don't let yourself be conned
Now give us the wand.
(music ends)