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Life i my day Lyrics

Life i my day by Newsong  

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Life i my day My cell phone’s ringing and I'm running late
The morning traffic’s got me time is ticking away
A few more hours is all that I need
Seems that there's just not enough days in the week

But then it hits me
Time is not the answer
You've given me all the time in the world
All that I need…

Is a little more life in my day
A little more of Your life a little more faith
Need a little more life in my day
A little more of Your light to show me the way
If I'm gonna be in this world but not be of it
Lord I need more of You in all that I do
With a little more life in my day

Sometimes I guess I get lost in the race
Trying to make a deadline just to keep up the pace
I can't help feelin’ I'm always behind
So much that I could do if I could just find the time

Lord don't let me be in such a hurry
Trying to live my life that I miss You in it
Help me slow down and take the time to see
All that I need…..

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