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Sign Of The Times (When You See Love) Lyrics

Sign Of The Times (When You See Love) by News At Eleven  

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Sign Of The Times (When You See Love) He lived and He walked with His people
Healing, revealing wondrous signs
And now, how you long for a simple
feeling of healing in your life
Looking for signs and heavenly symbols
Seeking His presence with your eyes

When you see love in the minor places
Seek no more the heavenly signs
When you see love, it will be his message
Love, it is a sign of the times

He died when the people disowned Him
Hailed Him, then nailed Him to a tree
You live, for His death was the ransom
Saved you and made you heaven’s child
Still you see hate, and still you see anger
Where is His presence in your life?

(repeat chorus)

Idols made of silver
Idols made from gold
Where is His presence in their eyes?
You will find the answer
See it in your soul
In love, His presence never dies

(repeat chorus)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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