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Up And Go Lyrics

Up And Go by New Found Glory  

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Up And Go here it goes and this won't take long
just let me dedicate a song
to a girl who turned this boy to stone

and you know who you are

heres a hint she doesn't have a car
or "the time to be in love with me"

why did you say
"this feeling has to stay"
and left me to wait for
song long

you don't have to stay but
i hope that you would anyway

all you did was up and go

excuse me but this won't take long
im sorry for writing you this song
but just what do you think you deserve?
becasue when you had the chance for romance
you burned it at both ends
i guess im not sorry in the least

what made you say this feeling has to stay
breaking this up for so long
you don't have to go
what makes you stay we'll never know
all you do is up and go

what would make you stay
i guess we'll never know
you didn't have to stay
so you didn't you upped and went away
all you do is up and go

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