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Nothing is chic Lyrics by New Faces


Nothing is chic by New Faces

He's the one you'd like to meet on sight, he's the confident stranger
Walks with cool poise, talks with just the same, talks of flexible invites
He's the one who's style is a running theme, it's a path to the cool life
Always on the make always making friends, he's a juggler of trends
He's got one foot back and one foot forward, warm embrace and then
The cold shoulder, he's a master at shifting and shaping situations for personal gain
It's like a rolling dice on a table top, which end will he drop
He's got cards he's got many cards to play, or to save them for later
Doing things I never thought were right, but charisma it folds me
And it always sounds like the greatest thing, when it's coming from his mouth
I always think that he's not very truthful but all of his skills they sure make him useful
And I need someone with that poise with the cool life, to guide me
To show me, the things that I should like 'cause what is the style when no one is stylish
And what is the look when nobody looks like it, what things are in if there's no one to say so
Nothing is chic if the scenesters don't rave on, the world needs it's trendsetters,
Pushers of style, it's confident strangers it's new wave disciples
To set what is right so that others defy it, I need you I need you just so I feel right