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by New Boyz. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - Y

Wait hold up j do you see that chick
Which one
Right there with them big ass lips
God damn
Uh huh how see get so thick I bet she use to be skinny till she got some
Diss my girl again lil homie while you talk that ish I'm a go game her up and take her back to the crib
Waitin for me
Na bro
But she no the biz yah rite
Watch a pro do this
Um xcuse me girl your style is dope you got swagg to I noticed tat a lil while ago my name is legacy and it's my first day here I was wondering if you can be my first date here
Um hah excuse ma friend he's not use use to meeting girls cause he's use to men
(Use to men?)
Girl this dude is stupid huh
(Yo I ain't gay)
Y don't you tell the truth for once
She wants me
You don't even have a mustashe yet
If you don't shut the hell up with yo buff ass neck well anyway
Wait hold up see u made her pissed
Aye yo come back before you leave let me tell you this
Cashmere cashmere
You know I'm really diggin yo style
Cashmere cashmere all I wanna do is see u smile cashmere cashmere you don't need that dude ben j
Cashmere casmere well hay you wanna be ma babe
See it's like this 5'11 with good sex and unpredictable and keepin those girls guessin
Know that earl was the best I'm making oprah plans
I got the world in my palms somethin hold ma hands
5 foot 8 swat size great long as hell I can make you lose weight
But cha body off the chain make me wanna scream
Even kiesha in the game didn't feel that much pain
That was lame you a lame
Ya momma
Say wat
Well come here girl let me give you some mc lovin'
I feeling you a lot an you tha baddest thing yet
And ma love aint good enough
That's what she said
Can you stop cause she lookin border than me
Anyou lookin like a hobbet off of lord of the rings
Damn now think of what's important to me
Aye yo where u goin girl I got some more on my sleeve
Cashmere cashmere you no I'm really feeling yo swagg
Cashmere cashmere
I want me and u to make it last
Cashmere cashmere legacy who all you need is j
Cashmere cashmere but yeah you wanna b ma babe
He a dog girl all he do is run and smell
You wanna buff nick cannon
Or a young LL
That's the point I'm tryna make cause he dum as hell
And I can make you fall in love after 1 quick meal
Then she stopped paused stared in my eyes and
For the first time moved her mouth to reply
She said that she kissed a girl and she liked it ever since then I knew she was a full blood
Dike chick... what... ughh... huh... did she just... what she say
Hell naw cashmere cashmere that's why yo breath stink
Cashmere cashmere
What the hell is wrong wit cho teeth
Cashmere cashmere when I said I liked you I lied
Cashmere cashmere I'm over here uncross yo eyes
Don't get me wrong, we luhhv lesbians... just not you! haha

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Album: Other Songs A - Y Lyrics
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