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Mutiny - Neuraxis


Mutiny by Neuraxis

Brighten one falls unto ego temptations,
Then it corrupts his wisdom and splendor.
Opposition against the will of the Greats.
Premium treachery manifesto - "The declaration of liberty".
Existence of the father. Denied.
Energic immensity is inherent to the universe.
A myth, a make-believed by the Greats to allow the power in the name of...
Greeting the respect of ignorance.
Self governing systems.
The worshipping plan: Stratagem to honour Sons purposes. tyrants.
Ascending mortal in the universal Educational planes.
Supreme self-control.
Evolution-fiction... From the thoughts of the God of liberty.
Banners unfold - The supreme conflict.
Fallacious orations in the planetary Reading room.
A confused and indecisive spiritual attraction.
Resistance... standing forever in loyalty... the Seraphic continuity.