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The Charm Lyrics

The Charm by Neptune's Car  

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The Charm Just off the coast of this rocky shore.
Deep down under these crashing waves.
Buried beneath this soft, white sand.
Lies a locket from a pocket —
A story steeped in lore.

There was a girl. There was a boy.
There was a full, round moon.
There was a ship. There was a trip.
He would come home soon.
A parting kiss. A long embrace.
And, just in case. A good luck charm.
Arm in arm. And then apart.
She gave him — her heart.
Once there were pirates on the rolling sea.
Thunder and lightning were a mystery.
Fleets of trade ships sailed into history.
Can you sift through the wreckage
To find treasure in me?

There was a storm. The masts were torn.
The ship was lost — one afternoon.
At this she wept. But he was swept —
Gently to a small lagoon.
A cast away. A distant land.
And in his hand. A good luck charm.
Safe from harm. He watched alone.
For a ship to bring him home.


There was a man — too old to stand.
There was a waning moon.
There came a ship. Another trip.
He would be home soon.
He saw her face. A state of grace.
And in this very space.
Arm in arm. They gave the charm —
A final resting place.


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