She Don't Know My Name - Ronald Isley Lyrics

Nelly Lyrics She Don't Know My Name - Ronald Isley

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She Don't Know My Name - Ronald Isley

by Nelly. Buy album CD: Other Songs SE - Y

(feat. Snoop Dogg, Ron Isley)

[Ron Isley]
HOOO! Hooooooo
Well well well.. yeahhhh

[Chorus: R. Isley]
There's this girl, AND, I see her every day
But she don't know me (she don't know my name)
And it ain't all that strange to me
Cause I know hers, AND, it won't be long
'til she's convinced that I'm her man
The one that's gon' take her away

Yo, yo, yo
Hey yo it's three in the mornin and the party's still goin
Bass still knockin, +Pimp Juice+ still flowin
'Tics in the back, you can smell the chronic blowin
I got girls all around, I got my Hef' game goin
Baby girl right but her partner got ass
Baby girl left but her partner got ass
She got 'em stuffed in them boy shorts covered up with lil' hearts
Her partner got 'em laced, cut right below the waist
You can tell they got taste by they ensemble
One like to salsa, the other the mambo
Why settle for one when I can have the combo?
Why do Cancun when I can go to Cabo?
They like to work out, and I ain't talkin Tae*Bo
They like fast cars, I ain't talkin Volvos
They both are the devil but they like it diablo
Don't worry got it covered just listen to Ronald

[Snoop Dogg]
Hmm, she say them suckers agitate her, told her I'm a regulator
Man I wanna lay down witcha, maybe we can do it later
I ain't got no time to waste, another move I got to make
Cold thang, she ain't even know my nizzame (damn)
I didn't even have to say it, baby wanna stop and play it
Rewind that, pop and grind that
You'll find that, a woman like yourself can't keep cumin by yourself
Get in where you fit in, now enjoy yourself
Cute brightskin brownskin take me to the mountain
Get you wet like a fountain
Then get your counselin, have a seat have a drink have a toke
It's a +Doggy Dogg World+, you can have whatever you want
... or whatever you need, all you got to do it follow my lead
Take my hand, and roll with me
And live it up, with a D-O-double-G, lavishly


[Ron Isley]
Hey girl, what's yo' fantasy?
Can I take you home? I want you here with me
Ooh girl you blow my mind, I want to be yo' freak
Let me take you there, to that ecstasy, hoo
Oooooooooooh ba-by, ba-by
Gotta get you home with me tonight
Oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh, what's your name?
What's your name? Gotta get you home with me tonight dear

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[R. Isley ad libs to fade]

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