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Boom D Boom

by Nelly. Buy album CD: Other Songs 1 - SC

Me and Sonny in the Escalade, TV where yo' head lay
Uptown, Harlem World, seein ???
With some bran-bran, got a jaw hit drop a dime
Hun'ned G's for the suit, the hood like "oh man"
Bendin corna's, twenty-two's, no dubbin, (crrrrrrrrrrrr)
That's what you hear 'cause that shit be rubbin
I gotta fix that, ooh, damn, who is that?
Dark skin, five-ten, twist, and hella thick
Pull this bitch over, so I can do what I do
Get digits, call later, and teach you about you
Mami giggle and smile, said she diggin my style
Country boy, rugged for life, never come off foul
Ahhh, put you on a team with me
First class to the Bahamas, the scenery
When I walked off, she called me back on the scene
Like "who them St. Lunatics and what them double 'Bs' mean?"

The double 'B' stands for the, chhhchhh, boom da boom
Lunatic basement beats, got ya shakin the room
So what, what, bomp, bomp
What, what, this shit bomp
The double 'B' stands for the, chhhchhh, boom da boom
Lunatic basement beats, got ya shakin the room
So what, what, bomp, bomp
What, what, this shit bomp

I got a size double D waitin at the double tree for me
Ecstasy pills, Crissy and them Swisher Sweets
With enough dough, to make a cake from scratch
We the best, do the knowledge niggas, face the facts (I said that)
Draped in black in the back, with that, thing that go, chhchh-pat
Indeed, truck so big we gotta pull over to pass the weed, it's a tragedy
How my neck, shine in the moonlight
Give me one chance to show that ass what ya man ain't doin right
It's a hundred percent chance mami, what
Leave with me I'm in them pants mami
Cotton soft, put it in first and jetted off
Pumpin it loud so she can hear Jay-E floss
While we got it warm, bitches is startin to swarm
Lunatic be the chain, double 'B' be the charm


Took a limo to the airport, got a show down south
Club one-twelve, showin 'em what that L about
Holla at my nigga Ray-Ray
Drop the top in four, hit the switch, we bumpin "Dre Day"
Hey, hey, hey, what can I say?
Hit the liquor store for blunts, gin and O.J.
'Cause I just bought a half, Chico dropped it off
It's sunny, bitches out, and I'm dyin to floss, you don't say
Ain't a damn thing that I won't buy
I don't lie, money to the sky, shop 'til I die
'Cause you know I got the greenery
Five G's in the mall ain't a thing to me
I do that, in a minute, gave my wife the Infinite
Dubbed it up, fuck ballin, nigga, I'm winnin the pennet
Now that we in it, you know that we gon' do it for sure
Before we go let me tell you one thing that you should know

The double 'B' stands for the, chhhchhh, boom da boom

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Album: Other Songs 1 - SC Lyrics
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