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Show Me What You Got - Natasha St-pierre


Show Me What You Got by Natasha St-pierre

Written: N. Thomas/G. Mackenzie/Oliver Pinelli/Rap: Garoo
Your eyes are glued to my body
I can tell you're thinkin' bout somethin' naughty
I gotta know what you cha got for me
Before I onna let you touch this
Lickin' your lips like your eatin' chicken
Like you know that I'm finger lickin'
Baby there's no need to front
To get what you want
Them other girls got nothin' on me
I know you're feelin the p.O.F. Mystery
If you really wanna know
Let's take it to the floor
What cha got
Gettin' hot
Give it up
Don't stop
What cha got
Gettin hot
Do it right