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Another Enemy

by Natas. Buy album CD: Wicket World Wide .com

What time is it? Ain't no need to check the clock (Fuck it)
Cause time stopped (Fuck it) Game over (Game over)

When we gun this
You'll get punished
Detroit re-runs this
Don't get me confused with MC's still payin' dues
I'm a classic, let me spit my acid
Stay in an all glass kit
Until I burn up in my casket
My carnivores dramatic
I'm sick, sicker than sick
Bitch suck my dick
I still bust all slugs and thugs
And get to fuck you to with
Don't care, yo shit's spilt
Never admit
Cause killas don't talk about the murders they commit
Come again now!

(Y'all fucked us again, now watcha gone do nigga?)
Just another motherfuckin enemy
Just another motherfuckin enemy
Just another motherfuckin enemy
Just another motherfuckin enemy

[Masta Mind]
Now before you get yo ass beat
Don't ask how I'm livin' or what my religion
Niggas want me to hand the mic to the participant down and give it
Roll me to the top from a site
But I'm a all night rider type
You better be ready for war in the worst way
When you decide to fight
You can't get paid on the streets
So hold on tight, until you heat
Lookin at me like you got somethin to say
Don't even try to speak
Its killa bee kill say please
Murder really ain't no sin to me
A million motherfuckers with me
Then I call it a million enemies
Come on!

(Chorus 2X)

Run they mouth, from here to down south
Don't know what the fuck they talkin bout
We from Detroit got too much fuckin clouds
Stay off my route
I'm bout bout murder
No doubt
You gone clean the shower
But when you right I hail out out

[Masta Mind]
Kickin off that game
Call timeout
Young niggas gone find out
Who's supportin the braids
>From underground
And watch me climb out
I'm all about that wicket shit
I scream Never die!?
The game is getting stormy now
Can you win the ride?
Come on!

(Chorus 2X)

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Album: Wicket World Wide .com (1999) Lyrics
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