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The General

by Nas. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - WA

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[Swizz Beatz]
Yo man, it's a real game out here
Know what I'm sayin Nas?
Beats back in effect man
Swizz Beatz da monsta (what's poppin?)

Get in line, everybody get in line
Listen the fuck up, to what's going down
Pay attention, aight?

Niggas salute me, bitches salute me
The block salute me, the hood salute me
You should salute me, they should salute me
So fuck who you are
I'm the motherfuckin general

When I walk through everything stops, silence
Remain quiet, babies don't cry thugs don't buss
Cops cut off sirens, oxygen freeze
Noises to a minimun nigga, I pop and I squeeze
I represent the pain and struggle
Cut out your eyeballs then brain-fuck you
Yo you testin with death
I'm confronting the justice, expressing my voice to the public
They got to free some brothas or we kidnap the judges
They got to free some sistas or we kidnap the judges
They got to beat the system that's enslaving the poor
Our practicing, gun rages, they R's and .44's
Many fought teams and for green this is war
This is life and I'm the hardest, got ya label all scared
Callin up the radio, don't want my records to air
Y'all ain't playin fair, to every rapper in the game,
I'm comin fo y'all blood, make room for the king...Nas


I'm the leader, that's it, nobody higher
Nobody touchin my crown, nobody dyin
Nobody smoother, harder, tougher, believe it
I'm much more smarter, much more strategic
Scholarships and hollow tips, a lot of walkin caskets
They talk a good one but there's never no action
And I'm the type to poison ya sista, twist her
Through wit her, put the gun in your face and make you hit her
Make you quiver -when they silhouette of a Don, Benson
Light up a Cu-ban, recite a few psalms
Enlighten you quick, teach you how a king wins wars
Keep your ears to the street, love your enemies more
'Cuz hate can frustrate, and confuse
Too eager you lose, patience, plan your attack then you move - ghetto
Green Berets, got freaks got hoes
who be jumpin out of movin cars and land at my feet - because


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Album: Other Songs A - WA Lyrics
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