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Back From Hell

by Narnia. Buy album CD: The Great Fall

Where can I run? and where can I hide?
I'm trapped inside, can't find my way out
No place to call home and no one here to carry me
I am a lonely soldier, I fight my own war
Everyone's caught up in themselves
My wounded soul is tearing me down

Into the fire I run
Someone out there, help me to escape
I hear voices from hell so loud and clear
Laughing at me

I'm back
I'm back from hell again
But hell is everywhere
I'm back from hell again
But hell is everywhere

If there's a god in heaven
Have mercy on my fallen soul
My demons are haunting me
They never seem to leave me alone
Insomnia, delusions, I'm dreaming awake
Afraid to fall asleep
Bad memories are haunting me
If you see me come and rescue me
Into the fire I run
Someone out there, help me to escape
I hear voices from hell so loud and clear
Laughing at me

I'm back
I'm back from hell again
But hell is everywhere
I'm back from hell again
But hell is everywhere

Everything is so dark and cold
Death is all I'm longing for
I've killed so many in the name of pride
Can someone hear a suicidal hero's cry?

Into the fire I run
Someone out there, help me to escape
I hear voices from hell so loud and clear
Laughing at me

I'm back
I'm back from hell again
But hell is everywhere
I'm back from hell again
But hell is everywhere

"My soul's been deeply wounded...
So many lives I've sacrificed
So many dreams I've crushed
That keep hunting me every night...
The memories...the soldiers...the mothers and their children...
I need to find peace of mind
So I'm heading on pilgrimage to the ancient city
To restore my sanity"

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Album: The Great Fall (2003) Lyrics
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  140. No Idea's Original
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  142. No More (Baby I'ma Do Right) Remix
  143. No More (Remix)
  144. No One Else In The Room
  145. Not Going Back
  146. Nothing Lasts Forever
  147. Ocupied Mind
  148. On The Real
  149. One Love Remix
  150. One Mic (Remix)
  151. One Never Knows
  152. One On One
  153. One Time 4 Your Mind
  154. Oochie Wally
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  156. Ouchie Wally (remix)
  157. Parade
  158. Phone Tap Ft.Dre,Nature,Az
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  166. Puzzy Kills
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  169. Re:member
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  172. Remember The Times
  173. Remember The Times (Intro)
  174. Rest Of My Life
  175. Revolutionary Warfare
  176. Rewind
  177. Rewind (Soundtrack-Memento)
  178. Rocks
  179. Rule Rmx
  180. Ryuusei
  181. Salute Me
  182. Seishun Kyousoukyoku
  183. Sekou Story
  184. Self Conscience
  185. Set Up(Ft.Havoc)
  186. Shoot 'em Up
  187. Shooting Star
  188. Slow Down (Remix)
  189. Smokin'
  190. Sometimes I Wonder
  191. Speed
  192. Star Wars
  193. Still Dreaming
  194. Stillmatic
  195. Stillmatic (The Intro)
  196. Street Dreams
  197. Street Dreams (Bonus Verse)
  198. Street Dreams (Remix)
  199. Street Glory
  200. Street's Disciple
  201. Suicide Bounce
  202. Suicide Bounce (World Premiere) (featuring Busta Rhymes)
  203. Teenage Thug
  204. The Cross
  205. The Flyest
  206. The G.O.D.
  207. The General
  208. The General (Salute Me)
  209. The Makings Of A Perfect Bitch
  210. The Message
  211. The Outcome
  212. The Pledge
  213. The Pledge Remix
  214. The Prediction
  215. The Profecy
  216. The Second Coming
  217. The Set Up
  218. The World Is Yours (Remix)
  219. The World Is Yours(Ft.Pete Rock)
  220. These Are Our Heroes
  221. Thief's Theme
  222. Thugz Mansion
  223. Thugz Mansion (N.Y.)
  224. Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)
  225. Thugz Mirror
  226. Thugz Mirror Freestyle
  227. Too Hot
  228. Too Much For Me (feat. Baby, Foxy & Amerie)
  229. True Colours
  230. U Wanna Be Me
  231. U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim)
  232. U.b.r. (Unofficial Biography Of Rakim)
  233. Understanding (Harry Queens Mix)
  234. Undying Love
  235. Virgo
  236. Virgo (Freshfest Remix)
  237. Walk The Dinosaur
  238. Wanna Play
  239. Wanna Play (Rough?)
  240. War
  241. War (feat. Keon Bryce)
  242. Warrior Song
  243. What You Gonna Do
  244. What's Going On
  245. What's Going On (J. Dupri Rnb Remix)
  246. Where Are They Now (80's Remix)
  247. Where Are They Now (90's Remix)
  248. Where Y'all At?
  249. Where Y'all At? [bonus Track]other Songs:made You Look (Remix)
  250. Who Killed It?
  251. Wind
  252. Yellow Moon
  253. You Are My Friend
  254. You Don't Know
  255. You Gotta Love It
  256. You Know My Style
  257. You Owe Me
  258. You're Da Man
  259. You’re The Man
  260. Yura Yura
  261. Zone Out
  262. Zone Out Rmx (U Knoe Wut Tyme It Iz) Ft/Infa 1& Bravehearts
  263. War Preludium
  264. The Countdown Has Begun
  265. Back From Hell
  266. No Time To Lose
  267. Innocent Blood
  268. Ground Zero
  269. Judgement Day
  270. Desert Land
  271. The Great Fall Of Man


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