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Michael Joined The Navy? - Narcoleptic Youth


Michael Joined The Navy? by Narcoleptic Youth

Michael joined the navy at the age of 21.
They sent him to Virginia where he learned to shoot a gun.
Whoa Whoa. Whoa Whoa. He's on a big boat now.
He signed away his life, now he gets to see the world.
He sent me home a postcard of a really pretty girl.
You gotta fight for your country. Fight for your flag.
Don't let them turn you into a fag.
Keep America free for me. (on the 4th of July-John's drunk ass lyric line)
Well he's floating off at sea underneath the blazing sun.
I'll bet he lost his gut chasing hookers on the run.
And if we ever go to war, should be over pretty fast.