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Napalm Death

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CD Album  Utilitarian (2012)
CD Album  Time Waits For No Slave (2009)
CD Album  Smear Campaign (2006)
CD Album  The Code Is Red... Long Live The Code (2005)
CD Album  Noise For Music's Sake (2003)
CD Album  The World Keeps Turning (2003)
CD Album  Order Of The Leech (2002)
CD Album  Leaders Not Followers (2000)
CD Album  Leaders Not Followers (Mcd) (2000)
CD Album  Words From The Exit Wound (1998)
CD Album  Breed To Breathe (1997)
CD Album  In Tongues We Speak (1997)
CD Album  Inside The Torn Apart (1997)
CD Album  Diatribes (1996)
CD Album  Greed Killing (1995)
CD Album  Fear Emptiness Despair (1994)
CD Album  Fear, Emptyness, Despair (1994)
CD Album  Nazi Punks Fuck Off (1994)
CD Album  Death By Manipulation (1992)
CD Album  Utopia Banished (1992)
CD Album  Mass Appeal Madness (1991)
CD Album  Harmony Corruption (1990)
CD Album  Suffer The Children (1990)
CD Album  Mentally Murdered (1989)
CD Album  Napalm Death/S.O.B. Split (1989)
CD Album  Peel Sessions (1989)
CD Album  Split With S.O.B. (1989)
CD Album  From Enslavement To Obliteration (1988)
CD Album  Hatred Surge (1985)
CD Album  Discomix
CD Album  Ellipse
CD Album  En Hand I Himlen
CD Album  Ghetto Love
CD Album  Legacy Of A Genius
CD Album  Lejonhjärta
CD Album  Soinnerette
CD Album  Spinnerette
CD Album  What's Your Medium
CD Album  Other Songs T - CS
CD Album  Other Songs CO - D
Album: Utopia Banished (1992) Lyrics
cd Buy "Utopia Banished" CD
  1. Cause and effect (part 2)
  2. Discordance
  3. I abstain!
  4. Dementia Access
  5. Christening of the Blind
  6. The World Keeps Turning
  7. Idiosyncratic
  8. Aryanisms
  9. Cause and effect (pt. 2)
  10. Judicial slime
  11. Distorting the Medium
  12. Got Time to Kill
  13. Upward and Uninterested
  14. Exile
  15. Awake (to a life of misery)
  16. Contemptuous
Album: Mass Appeal Madness (1991) Lyrics
cd Buy "Mass Appeal Madness" CD
  1. Mass Appeal Madness
  2. Pride Assassin
  3. Social Sterility
  4. Unchallenged Hate
  5. Heartbreak hotel
Album: Harmony Corruption (1990) Lyrics
cd Buy "Harmony Corruption" CD
  1. If the Truth Be Known
  2. Vision Conquest
  3. In the truth be known
  4. Inner Incineration
  5. Malicious Intent
  6. Unfit Earth
  7. Circle of Hypocrisy
  8. The Chains That Bind Us
  9. Mindsnare
  10. Extremity retained
  11. Suffer the Children
  12. Hiding Behind
Album: Suffer The Children (1990) Lyrics
cd Buy "Suffer The Children" CD
  1. Suffer The Children
  2. Harmony Corruption
Album: Mentally Murdered (1989) Lyrics
cd Buy "Mentally Murdered" CD
  1. Rise above
  2. The missing link
  3. Mentally Murdered
  4. Walls of confinement
  5. Cause and Effect
  6. No mental effort
Album: Napalm Death/S.O.B. Split (1989) Lyrics
cd Buy "Napalm Death/S.O.B. Split" CD
  1. Changing colours
  2. From the ashes...
  3. Stalemate
  4. Understanding?!?!
Album: Peel Sessions (1989) Lyrics
cd Buy "Peel Sessions" CD
  1. The Kill
  2. Prison Without Walls
  3. Dead
  4. Deceiver
  5. Lucid Fairytale
  6. In extremis
  7. Blind to the Truth
  8. Negative Approach
  9. Common Enemy
  10. Obstinate direction
  11. Life?
  12. You suffer
  13. Multinational Corporations
  14. Instinct of Survival
  15. Stigmatized
  16. Parasites
  17. Moral Crusade
  18. Worlds apart
  19. M.a.d.
  20. Divine Death
  21. (conservative shithead) (eminent)
  22. Control
  23. Walls
  24. Raging in hell
  25. Conform or die
  26. S.o.b.
  27. Unchallenged Hate
  28. Mentally Murdered
  29. From Enslavement to Obliteration
  30. Suffer the Children
  31. Retreat to Nowhere
  32. Scum
  33. Social Sterility
Album: Split With S.O.B. (1989) Lyrics
cd Buy "Split With S.O.B." CD
  1. Changing colours
  2. From the ashes...
  3. Multinational corporations (part 2)
  4. Re-address the problem
  5. Stalemate
  6. Understanding?!?!
  7. I'm coming home

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