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Out of control Lyrics

Out of control by Naked Aggression  

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Out of control Sometimes I hate reality, it makes me feel so bad.
Seeing people hurt eachother and they don't even care.
I think of self-destruction but I tell those thoughts to go away
I won't give up, I will hang on. I'll keep living form day to day.
I don't plan ahead or think of yesterday,
I wonder what to do now instead.
I think about this f**ked up world until my eyes are blazing red.
Every time I watch the news or read a magazine,
the pain and suffering in this world make me want to scream.
People hating others because the color of their skin.
People rape and kill each other for f**ked up reasons
[chorus][first verse]
We lived in a f**kED UP WORLD! (x4)

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