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Wilderness Of Thorns Lyrics by My Ruin


Wilderness Of Thorns by My Ruin

In this wilderness of thorns
All you offer me
Is a garland of tears
And to suffer alone
Bleeding my hope
I am brought down
All you promise me
Is the agony to come
My existence is crushed
Dead since birth
I fed on your hope,
At your feast of comfort
Weary of life
I cried out to you
But all you offered me
Was the agony to come
Alone again
In these desert lands
I breathe the fire
Of your wrath
I have suffered
Too many days
Under these harsh skies
Now I walk,
With fire burnt skin
And I scream
For healing to come
Forty days
That never end
No bread but these stones
The agony to come
Memory of nails
Tearing my flesh
I hang before you
In the wilderness of thorns
I am parched,
I have nothing
I am broken
In the wilderness of thorns