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Sometimes Lyrics

Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine  

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Sometimes Close my eye
Feel me now
I don't know, will you
could not love me now
You will know, that I feel
tied to the ground
Over there, and I
learned through life to love
You can hide,
opened eyed
or the way I dream.

Turn my head
into sound
I don't know but I
laid down on the ground
You will find your
hand held hurts to love
Never cared, and your
world turned hearts to love
You will sleep,
open eyed on the
way I dream

You will wait
See me go
I don't care, I knew
her type all along
You will wait, and I
turn my eyes around
Hold my head and I
hold you next to me.
Hold your hand
to my eyes on the
way I sleep.

Close my eyes.
Feel me high
I don't know, but you
could not love me now.
You and I, and I
feel down too
Over there, and I learned
true love from you.
You can hide,
opened eyed, or
the way I dream.
You will sleep
opened eyed, on the way
I dream.

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