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by Murs. Buy album CD: Varsity Blues

I'm only 9, on the block
Bailin to the liquor store with 2 dollars in my socks
Say "cuz" when I talk, pants sag when I walk
Bumpin KDAY, just discovered hip-hop
I play Pop Warner and I love Transformers
But you see the big homey standin out on the corner
He got real guns, not the ones from G.I. Joe
He feared and respected like everywhere we go
Can't wait 'til I'm 10 and I get jumped in
You should see the tattoo he gave himself with pen
He did in the pen like 3 years ago
And he just got home, now he bigger than befo'
Liftin weights in the yard he, way too hard
Been shot 5 times, even let me touch the scars
I can ride in his car when I get from the hood
A fresh Iroc with a dope Kenwood
Two 15's and his curl on sheen
A big booty freak with some airbrushed jeans
Don't dis put the hood in your childhood dreams
Growin up these days ain't as easy as it seems

We live life like death ain't a thing
Fear and respect we collect like kings
Relive stress with every breath I sing
And we all chase money cause we scared to chase dreams

19, almost 20 years old
Cut the baby curl, now I got an afro
Cornrows, some say french braids
Weed and robberies the only way I get paid
Couldn't slang crack, O.G.'s do that
So money hungry wouldn't front me a sack
That's why the old timers keep gettin jacked
I'm full time bangin ain't no turnin back
Dropped out of school, no G.E.D
But in these streets I'm a G-O-D
Enemies tell they B.G. stories 'bout me
A nightmare, when I'm off that P
That's why they always run when they see me in the street
Known to beat 'em down, straight take they heat
What about the police, man even they scared
When I see ya hit the block I put 2 in the air
... Got my momma scared of me
And she's the only woman tht would ever dare to love me
Respect from my peers, on the set 10 years
Bonafide so I hide my regrets and my fears
... On the front porch buzzin
High that's probably why I didn't even see 'em comin
5 rounds to the chest now I'm fightin for my life
Cause some fool from the other side, wanted stripes

[Nurse:] Flatline... flatline... [echoes]

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Album: Varsity Blues (2002) Lyrics
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