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To You I Bestow Lyrics by Mundy


To You I Bestow by Mundy

Well you may not see me when you come back
I could be sharing someone else's pillow
My love for you is better than diamonds
To you everything I bestow
And tomorrow I'll be dancing on my own
I'll need a kiss for my head that's aching
I'll be a hungry dog without a bone
I hope my place with you's not taken

Kiss me and tell me it's not broken
Kiss me and kiss me 'till I'm dead
'cause I'd give you the stars from the bruised evening sky
In a crown of jewels for your head now
For your head now
For your head now
For your head, now…

One last night in bed for a time
Two more wishes and both are for thine
Three guesses you're the angles child
Four hopes this love's not boiled


And if you come back I'll take you to the garden
We'll dance to an orchestra on the lawn
And we'll roll in the foggy dew
And dance with the ghosts upon the dawn
And on the dawn and on the dawn
Then you'll


For your head now…
Oh! oh! oh!,oh!oh!,oh!,oh!,oh! (x4)