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U Don't Own Me Lyrics

U Don't Own Me by Mo' Thugs  

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U Don't Own Me Krayzie Bone
(yeah, wussup baby, before we even get into this I want you to know one
thing...I don't own you, you don't own me - got to keep it like that)

you dont own me, and i dont own you
lets keep it like that
Cool, we can keep it like that (i like it like that)

I heard you tell your boys, she's under control but chu' got me faded, you must
think I'm crazy you walk around tryin to play these games like you got it goin
on and your keepin things strongI don't understand why you say the things you
do, cause if you was takin care of your kids i wouldn't be thinkin of someone
new (yeah) I know you gave me all the money and new cars, but they wont control
me your love will hold me (yeah)


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