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Following The Interview - Mortimer Nova


Following The Interview by Mortimer Nova

The traffic of the day starts to melt into the night
And I'm the only one on this stretch of road tonight.
My eyes glow pale and white and block my line of sight,
Fully draped with tears that tell of my defeat.
Looking to the left and veering towards the right
Until the sudden crash of water darkens all the light
And the cab it slowly fills and the air it disappears
And these lungs fill up until my tears have disappeared.
The sun is gone and the moon fills the sky.
Sitting still with passionate open arms.
Weeping for me from the empty night.
Little piece of twilight come crashing down.
So when I alienated myself from everyone who cared
You stood with me like a soldier ready to fight
And in one instance without a four letter word comes a crashing blow
That empties the breath from my chest. I saw you shut the light off.
I can wait out here all night.