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Except for Monday Lyrics

Except for Monday by Morgan Lorrie  

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Except for Monday Written by Reed Nielsen
You look surprised
You didn't think you'd see me
Kicking up my heels
Painting up this toen
When you said goodbye
I learned a couple new dances
I cast a couple of glances
I'm on a big roll now
- Chorus -
Except for Monday, which was never good anyway
Tuesday, I get a little side ways
Wednesday, I feel better just for spite
Thursday and Friday take too long
Before I know it, Saturday's gone
But it's Sunday now and you can bet that I'm all right
Dont' get me wrong
It wasn't always this easy
Getting over you
Got a little rough on me
Didn't take too long
'Til I got it together
And everyday I thank my lucky stars you set me free
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus
Entered by Lesa Brassette 01/13/98

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