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The rambler Lyrics

The rambler by Molly Hatchet  

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The rambler I'm going down to the river,
Just to bide my time away,
Don't you look for me tommorrow,
Cause i won't be back this way,
Oh girl i hate to leave you,
But i just can't seem to say,
When i see the sunrise in your eyes,
Darling i'll be on the way.

The miles go by so slowly,
It seems that time stands still,
I long for the day that i can settle down,
But i guess i never will,
Oh the cities they pass by me,
Like the ships that sail the sea,
Lord i here that highway calling,
Darling i hope you'll wait for me.

Oh it's cold here in the city,
I live my life from day to day,
Guess i'll always be a rambler,
But it's so hard to find my way,
Lord i need someone to help me,
I just can't go on this way,
I need your smiling face beside me,
So darling i'm coming home today.

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