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Another Day Lyrics

Another Day by Mojofly  

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Another Day I think I'll go home now it's
Been the greatest day thank
You for shedding life to my
Fantasy throw me a wicked
Smile the one like
That threw me up and away
To the evergreen like a
Spiral staircase down i go
Losing every step i sense an
Earthquake I.L.U. don't even
Know how to say when
Will it break today is gone
But tomorrow will be okay
I'll wait another day
Morning awakes me i need a
Special plan this very
Simple task i cannot
Overcome hundreds of
Streets i roamed in search
For the perfect line
Nothing i've found good
Enough for a boy like you
Why i can never let you go
So strange extraordinary
Why i can never tell you so i
Must be dumb why i can
Never let this go can't stop
This fun it must be done

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