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Sigh & Breathe Lyrics

Sigh & Breathe by Modern Day John  

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Sigh & Breathe Sigh and breathe
I conceive piercing eyes
That see through me
Bleeding heart - Good intentions
Unexcused hypocrisy

I see them rendered helpless in the corner of my eye
I know it's for the least of these that you had to die
Fear has bound me lifeless in my easy chair of grace
Instead of help I turn away can't look them in the face
Timeless battle - endless seige
Flesh and spirit collide in me
Lift me high - don't let me be
Another casualty

Sometimes I feel life passing by as I am standing still
In my safe and sheltered world I choose what is real.
I say that I believe but then misrepresent your name
Look at my reflection I'm the only one to blame

When will I know
To love you is more than just a show
When I look inside help me see
More of you - less of me

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music