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Mobb Deep Lyrics What Can I Do?

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What Can I Do?

by Mobb Deep. Buy album CD: Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape - Main Disc

Yeah... uh-huh {"What can I do?"}
Yeah yeah... (What's goin on man?)
(The fuck is goin on man?)
Yo {"What can I do?"}

To make that paper was the trait that I received at birth
Niggaz jealous and hatin on me {"What can I do?"}
When they plottin and schemin on me, the hammer just keep it on me
Fuck the fame and glory {"What can I do?"}
When your shorty gets nasty and horny, she all over me kid
You locked down, doin a bid {"What can I do?"}
With a nigga, tryin to take food off of my plate
And you know I got a kid {"What can I do?"}
When my stomach touchin, ribs showin
You off in the corner glowin {"What can I do?"}
Nothin else, but to take what's yours, convert it to mines
From the cash to the shine {"What can I do?"}
When shit is so fucked up, can't tell wrong from right
Right from wrong {"What can I do?"}
When they say, life is short, to you it's the cash
Todday it's seemin long {"What can I do?"}
Now I try to keep a positive look, my motto to jux
But can't seem to stay focused {"What can I do?"}
They say, an unoccupied mind's the devil's playground
So I sat and wrote this, to kill time {"What can I do?"}

Yeah yeah that's that gangsta shit son
I feel you my nigga.. (that's right that's right) {"What can I do?"}
(Infamous baby you ain't know?) We gon' do it like this
(That Mobb shit nigga) {"What can I do?"}

But send niggaz to hell
They try and stop me from cashin in man {"What can I do?"}
But squeeze without thinkin, flip without warnin
I got the drop on 'em {"What can I do?"}
You know, give it my best, empty this clip
And if live and happen to snitch {"What can I do?"}
Except, find his home, bring it to his family
Should I shoot his moms? {"What can I do?"}
Fuck it, send him a warnin, lick that bitch
Let him know the shit is on {"What can I do?"}
It's not my fault, it's just the game we in
And when you violate codes {"What can I do?"}
But punish niggaz for they actions
My shit jam when I start blastin, no {"What can I do?"}
Just relax, take out the clip, fix that shit
Put the clip back and keep goin {"What can I do?"}
Man you gotta keep your thug showin
People take kindness for weakness and so {"What can I do?"}
But be a cold-hearted bastard
This world is fucked up, and that's how it go {"What can I do?"}

(Fuck that son, Infamous nigga) {"What can I do?"}
(For two-thousands baby, y'all niggaz got your own) {"What can I do?"}
(Your little run, your little five year run ten year run)
(Y'all niggaz small time baby) {"What can I do?"}
(Small time baby, beneath us baby)

{"What can I do?"} {"What can I do?"} {"What can I do?"} {*echoes*}

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Album: Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape - Main Disc (2003) Lyrics
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